Concrete Experiences


 Where Education Experiences the Brain

"Assimiliation is the cognitive process by which the person integrates new perceptual matter or stimulus events into existing schemata or patterns of behavior. One might say that the child has experiences."

                            -Barry J. Wadsworth

Concrete Experiences   & the museum!

To make learning fun, the American Museum of Natural History and MoMath are used as educational resources. Reading comprehension, writing and mathematic materials are adapted to exhibits found throughout the museum.

What is the concrete experience?

  • The concrete experience facilitates an informal assessment that always takes place at the beginning of the lesson.
  • The concrete experience is an instructional exercise designed to draw out the student's understanding of the concept.
  • The concrete experience can be a video clip, short story, experiment, field trip, piece of art, sound of music or role play. 
  • The choice of media the teacher chooses to facilitate the concrete experience includes an engaging component that provokes emotion and a memorable moment in learning.
  • Through a facilitated discussion via the concrete experience, the teacher assesses the student's unique point of understanding and uses this information to shape instruction and deepen conceptual experience.
  • The concrete experience is simply when the student and teacher engage in a unique facilitated discussion that is both personal and reflective and as it pertains to the unique understanding of the concept.